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My drawings are done in a comic book style, realistic. I like to keep the proportions correct but at the same time I exaggerate the expressions.

My goal is to educate, but also to avoid propagating the stereotype of the ugly villain.


I've been drawing since I was 3 years old. I started drawing animals and I will never stop.

I grew up with my father's comic book collection, which mostly contained Raoul Cauvin books.

As a child, I watched documentaries,

I was especially fond of the underwater world.

Thus it's no surprise that I liked the movie

"Finding Nemo" when I saw it in the cinema.





My family is Spanish, but I was born in Belgium and I consider myself Belgian.

One winter when the temperature didn't go below 15 degrees Celsius, I realized that I liked the cold of Belgium. Of course, I enjoy the heat in in summer.

Half of my childhood was in America, I lived there from the age of 7 to 10. Incredible thing when I arrived here were the cartoon channels: Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel. They gave me good memories. Outside, there was a lot of snow in winter, there were also deer in the street that came to eat my mother's flowers. The classrooms at school were very colorful, the walls were covered with drawings, calculations and alphabet posters, the floor was made of burgundy carpet. It was a warm atmosphere.


I had a hard time getting started as an illustrator, because I listened to everyone's advice, and having 100 projects to do, I ended up doing nothing. With some (good) advice from my sister, I got a coach that helped me find my brand and image. 


Back in Belgium, I studied decoration assistant,

then, I went 3 years in art college where I keep very good memories. I spent my days there drawing. Those who came to hang out were shot (so to speak) and never came back.

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